Haunted and Depressed: The Struggle of Orphans in Kashmir

In a congested classroom, 13-year-old Sahil Majeed is trying to copy on his note book what his teacher is writing on a white board with black marker pen. He was a seven-year-old when his father disappeared after being abducted by the army in Kashmir. He had to be admitted in an orphanage in Srinagar for […]

Sri Lanka: A Ray of Hope for those Looking for War Missing

Thavarasa Utharai’s most treasured belongings are stuck inside several plastic bags and tucked within old traveling bags. Inside, wrapped in more plastic sheets, are old fading photographs, scrap books, legal documents and even some old bills. These are the only processions the 36 year old mother of two has to show of her husband. He […]

Rotary to Honour Six “Global Women of Action”

By Tharanga Yakupitiyage

Rotary will honour six women members of Rotary clubs from around the world during the 2015 Rotary Day at the United Nations.
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Bangladesh Facing Tough Climate Choices

Twice a week, 20-year-old Kulsum Begam, a young mother of two, spends over three hours gossiping with the neighbours. Neither her husband nor his family raises any objections. In fact, they encourage the bi-weekly ritual, almost pushing her out [...] Read more »

Africa’s Senior Citizens Cornered By Poverty

Kenya has made tremendous steps towards ensuring that the elderly population does not slide into extreme poverty, hunger and, consequently, premature death. This comes amidst concerns that due to the breakdown of socio-cultural safety nets, [...] Read more »