Purpose Investments Inc. Anticipates No Special Distributions on all ETFs and Mutual Funds based on latest 2016 Annual Capital Gains Estimates

TORONTO, ON—(Marketwired – November 30, 2016) – Purpose Investments Inc. is pleased to announce today that the following funds are not expected to have annual capital gains distributions for the 2016 tax year:

Purpose Fund Corp.

  • Purpose Core Dividend Fund
  • Purpose Total Return Bond Fund
  • Purpose Monthly Income Fund
  • Purpose Tactical Hedged Equity Fund
  • Purpose Diversified Real Asset Fund
  • Purpose Best Ideas Fund
  • Purpose Duration Hedged Real Estate Fund
  • Purpose Enhanced US Equity Fund
  • Purpose Premium Money Market ETF
  • Purpose Premium Yield Fund
  • Purpose Conservative Income Fund
  • Purpose Canadian Financial Income Fund

Purpose Trust Funds

  • Purpose Multi–Strategy Market Neutral Fund
  • Purpose US Dividend Fund
  • Purpose International Dividend Fund
  • Purpose International Tactical Hedged Equity Fund
  • Purpose Tactical Investment Grade Bond Fund
  • Purpose High Interest Savings ETF
  • Purpose US Cash ETF
  • Limited Duration Investment Grade Preferred Securities Fund
  • Investment Grade Managed Duration Income Fund
  • Energy Credit Opportunities Income Fund
  • U.S Banks Income & Growth Fund
  • Silver Bullion Trust

NexC Partners Corp.

  • NexC Partners Corp.

Please note that these are estimated amounts only. Circumstances may arise which would cause these estimates to change before the Funds' tax year end on December 15, 2016 or December 31, 2016, as applicable.

If necessary, Purpose expects to announce the final annual distribution amounts for the mutual fund trusts as well as the monthly and quarterly cash distributions on or about December 19, 2016. For Purpose Fund Corp. and NexC Partners Corp., both mutual fund corporations, final annual capital gains distributions will be announced on or about January 6, 2016, if necessary. All annual capital gains distributions are considered notional distributions and are automatically reinvested in the funds at the time of the distribution.

Purpose recognizes the concern among investors about the U.S. Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) rules and we have taken an active position in the investment industry by making all Purpose Funds available to Canadian investors who are classified as “U.S. persons” under U.S. tax law. Purpose will provide PFIC Annual Information Statements for all of our investment funds prior to the April U.S. tax reporting deadline for individuals, on an annual basis.

About Purpose Investments
Purpose Investments is an asset management firm inspired by the belief that all investors should have access to great investment products along with low fees. Purpose believes in focusing first on managing risk and creating value that is currently missing from the marketplace, thus empowering all Canadians to be better investors. Purpose has over $2.5 billion in assets under management and currently offers 33 exchange traded funds and mutual funds and 5 closed–end funds across multiple asset classes and both traditional and alternative investment strategies.

Purpose is the manager of NexC Partners Corp. (TSX: NXC), an investment corporation which invests in a portfolio of North American dividend–paying equity securities, plus owns an equity stake in Purpose

Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with an investment in investment funds managed by Purpose. Investment funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Please read the Funds' prospectus before investing.

ViaDerma, Inc. Clinical Studies Abroad in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Show Promising Results & Leads to Private Label Discussions

LOS ANGELES, CA—(Marketwired – November 30, 2016) – ViaDerma, Inc. (OTC PINK: VDRM), a specialty pharmaceutical company devoted to bringing new products to market, recently announced today several patients have had significant treatment success with the use of its innovative transdermal system for the delivery of its FDA registered drug, Viabecline. Significant results have been achieved in just 10 days of treatment using ViaDerma's proprietary transdermal delivery system. The solution combined with FDA registered drugs can increase the absorption as much as 100 times directly to the localized treatment areas. The “Patent Pending Transdermal System” can deliver medications and nutrients into the body through the skin. For example, a deep wound with the hip bone exposed, had significant healing results, at the Dar Al Zahraa Hospital in Tripoli, Lebanon, after just 10 days. ViaDerma is seeing amazing penetration and absorption with localized wound treatment. “We are also in the clinical testing stages of an anti–aging topical solution, topical pain medication, a topical for male–pattern baldness, and a topical designed to boost male libido,” said CEO Dr. Christopher Otiko.

Viabecline, a topical liquid tetracycline–based antibiotic that uses a patent–pending innovative transdermal delivery system that can convert oral medication active ingredients into topical drugs. The drug is FDA–registered as a first aid antibiotic to help prevent skin infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns, but importantly, has also shown to be effective in fighting more harmful forms of staphylococcus aureus infections, which are commonly known as 'staph infections.' Without the introduction of novel antibiotic treatments, infections can spread and sometimes become life threatening.

Market for the following Drugs:
Topical antibiotics – $6 billion/year
Toenail antifungal drugs – $3 billion/year
Diabetic amputations – $3 billion/year
Global acne – $2.8 million in 2009, estimates of $3.02 billion by 2016
Psoriasis – $2.4 billion in 2010, estimates of over $7.3 billion by 2015
Eczema – $2.5 billion in 2014

ViaDerma has had Clinical success in a very short time frame. We see the use of many drugs along with our “Proprietary Transdermal Delivery System” for the treatment and continuing studies looks very promising and demonstrates efficacy in terms of treating several unrelated diseases. “We are enthusiastic about the results we have achieved to date in terms of the anecdotal feedback we have received from the medical community. We are also in early–stage discussion with two companies to private label Viabecline for distribution in the Middle East, Asia and North Africa, and Europe,” said Dr. Christopher Otiko, ViaDerma's founder and CEO.

About ViaDerma, Inc.
ViaDerma, Inc. (OTC PINK: VDRM) is a publicly traded specialty pharmaceutical company committed to bringing new products to market and licensing its innovative technology to current leaders in the pharmaceutical industry in a wide variety of therapeutic areas. ViaDerma's lead product, Viabecline, uses an innovative transdermal delivery method that allows for application of active ingredients in a topical form. This patent–pending dual carrier transdermal technology may be applied in products within the medical and cosmetic markets. Also, Patent application using the combination of CBDs and THC with the delivery system was filed in 2014. The use of CBDs is known for the reduction of inflammation and for the treatment of several diseases, such as, nicotine addiction, fibromyalgia, Cohn's disease, schizophrenia, migraine headaches, pain management for cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. For more information, please visit: www.viadermalicensing.com

Forward Looking Statements
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