Invites Businesses to Leave Reviews on Sales Force Automation Software

SANTA FE, NM—(Marketwired – April 30, 2016) –, a platform for reviewing and ranking sales force automation software, has announced an invitation for businesses using sales force automation solutions to leave reviews on the software they have used. The platform uses customer reviews and experiences in order to determine which sales force automation software most consistently hit the mark in customer satisfaction. Real–time rankings are produced based on a transparent algorithm with the largest focus being placed on reviews left by customers.

Businesses which have used a sales force automation software in the past or are current customers of a sales force automation software are invited to to leave a review detailing their experiences with the software. Reviews are made public to those searching for software solutions to help them find exceptional sales force automation software. Rankings are updated in real–time based on new reviews and developments which can be reviewed at any time by both buyers and providers.

To view the list of the best sales force automation solutions, or to find your sales force automation software to leave a review on, visit:–of–best–sales–force–automation–software

User reviews are used as the most important factor by the algorithm when determining the placement of sales force automation software on the rankings. There are five key factors used by the algorithm which include review strength, engagement strength, reviewer strength, profile strength, and verified status. Each of these factors are comprised of various sub–factors which can influence how a sales force automation software is placed within the rankings. To learn more about how these factors are calculated visit:–do–we–rank

Those interested in joining can visit the following page to register or claim their profile:

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