Breakthrough Digital E-Learning Beginning English Speaking Course Is Launched Internationally

ALBUQUERQUE, NM—(Marketwired – July 01, 2016) – A remarkably effective English speaking digital e–learning course, Speak English With NEEPO, boasts unprecedented results. Non–English, or limited English speaking learners can achieve a low to intermediate level of English speaking ability in as little as 72 hours of practiced oral instruction. This astonishing approach contrasts with traditional methods that can take up to 7 years to achieve the same results.

The course, titled “Speak English With NEEPO,” is achieving noteworthy results. It is called the “Fastest Way to Learn to Speak English on Earth.” The success of this approach is in the NEEPO technological method that utilizes an ancient language communication tool, phonetics. This new English Language learning system that teaches people to speak English quickly is called NEEPO. It changes the way beginning English speaking is taught and opens a gateway to opportunity that would otherwise take years of grueling study.

Kat Green was awarded rights to the NEEPO methodology and the textbook version of the course in 1996, which was then only 5 Modules. It is now a 7–Module, state–of–the–art, virtual, digital, e–learning that offers a complete English immersion beginning speaking course, one that bypasses the native language while taking the learner to low intermediate level English speaking ability. At the same time, it safely keeps the native language intact; there is no need for translation.

The content is written in Pure NEEPO, which is 100% Regular, making it easy for learners to speak English, as they are able to read it easily on the screen. This is a first for ESL instruction. A learner is able to comprehend the English language by seeing pictures, hearing audio, and exercising fluency of speech using audio lingual pattern drills with built–in grammar. Students learn English grammar without even knowing they are. It then becomes automatic for them to speak English correctly using this course.

Kat Green, CEO of New Phonetics Technology LLC, says, “I'm excited about telling the world about Speak English With NEEPO. People who want to learn to speak English for the first time, and have not found a course that makes learning to speak English easy and fun, don't yet know we exist. So, it's important to get the word out so that those people can have access to this wonderful new way to begin to speak the English Language by using today's cutting–edge technology.

This brand new digital e–learning course was developed from the textbook version by Kat Green, CEO/Founder and Aaron Harrington, Creative Development Director of New Phonetics Technology LLC. Ms. Green has a bachelor's degree in Business Education from SUNY (Buffalo) and a Vocational Credential at Colorado State University. She has also been certified to teach in five different states.

“NEEPO is the bridge that will take any non–English speaking learner to the low–intermediate level English speaking ability in record–breaking time,” Green infers.

The course, which is just being exposed to the world market, is enjoying an introductory offer — making it affordable to nearly everyone who can use it. For those who cannot afford it, New Phonetics Technology, LLC is offering educational grants to schools, non–profits, and underprivileged students. Email Kat Green for more information and an application at:

For more information on New Phonetics Technology LLC and to learn about the course, go to To register for the Free Trial or to purchase the course, go to Announces Completion of ShippingEasy Acquisition

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