New Leak Detection Dye Products and UV Lamp from LeakFinder(R)

WESTBURY, NY—(Marketwired – February 09, 2018) – LeakFinder® is releasing several new products to their line of cost–effective automotive aftermarket solutions. LeakFinder® UV fluorescent dyes provide high–quality leak detection for all automotive air conditioning systems containing R–134a, R–1234yf, or other widely used refrigerants. LeakFinder® also offers dyes for oil–based fluids — addressing systems containing oil, fuel, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and more. In addition, LeakFinder® offers specialty dyes for all conventional coolants. These dyes are useful for locating leaks in radiators, hoses, heater cores, water pumps, and fittings.

Full–Color, Hanging Clamshell Packaging

All new LeakFinder® products are packaged in full–color, hanging clamshell packaging. LeakFinder® products are perfect for in–store displays and customer engagement. All product information is shown in vibrant color and easy–to–read text (trilingual packaging includes English, French, and Spanish translations). The strong exterior packaging ensures all materials are secure and ready for out–of–the–box use instantly.

New LF500CS LeakFinder® UV Lamp

The LeakFinder LF500CS UV Lamp is a powerful violet light LED leak detection flashlight. The flashlight's compact design offers optimal coverage of a vehicle's leaking systems — enabling the user to scan for escaping fluorescent dye in the tightest and hardest to reach places. The lamp features 9 violet light LEDs. The kit includes fluorescence–enhancing glasses and 3 AAA batteries. The LF500CS LeakFinder® UV Lamp will be available for purchase in March 2018.

Powerful UV Fluorescent Dyes

LeakFinder® UV Fluorescent Dyes are the perfect, cost–effective solution for small to mid–sized automotive repair shops and DIY preventative maintenance. Simply add the appropriate dye to the vehicle system, let the dye circulate, and scan the area with a LeakFinder® leak detection flashlight. All system leaks will glow brightly.

Convenient SOLO–SHOT™ Syringe Leak Detection Kit

LeakFinder® SOLO–SHOT™ disposable syringes are designed for quick and easy injections. Each syringe is prefilled with the correct amount of dye for the application. There's no measuring involved and no loss of dye due to spillage.

About Tracer Products:

Headquartered in Westbury, New York, Tracer Products has been at the forefront of leak detection technology for over 60 years. The company offers a full line of rugged, top–quality, award–winning leak detection lamps, diagnostic tools, and dye injection systems used in automobiles and heavy–duty vehicles. Tracer Products' LeakFinder® brand specializes in cost–effective aftermarket solutions. Tracer Products is dedicated to upholding high standards in design manufacturing, ensuring customer satisfaction, and continuing to lead the world in leak detection solutions.

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Pura Naturals Announces Exclusive Private Label Agreement to Supply Its Multi-Surface Cleaner and Degreaser to Police Departments

LAKE FOREST, CA—(Marketwired – February 07, 2018) – Pura Naturals Inc. (OTCQB: PNAT) (“Pura” or the “Company”), makers of eco–friendly earth–conscious cleaning products, today announced an exclusive private label agreement with Laguna 3P Pro, Inc. (“Laguna 3P Pro”), a provider of the highest quality vehicle transport products with officer safety in mind, to sell the Pura Clean Multi–Surface Cleaner and Degreaser under the label Odor be Gone by Laguna 3P Pro. Laguna 3P Pro will supply Odor be Gone to police departments across the United States and Canada.

Laguna 3P Pro serves the law enforcement community all over North America by producing high quality vehicle transportation products such as seating and restraint systems that have officer safety in mind. In–line with Laguna 3P Pro's mission, the Pura Clean Multi–Surface Cleaner and Degreaser solves a very common problem for police departments that struggle with increasing mess and grunge in the rear seats of patrol cars by providing a superior clean while maintaining safety with its eco–friendly formula.

“We are pleased that our Pura Clean Multi–Surface Cleaner and Degreaser will be used by police departments in North America on a daily basis to effectively eliminate dirt and mess from the rear seats of patrol cars. Orders will be placed on an ongoing volume basis which we believe will only grow over time as Laguna 3P Pro sells to its well–established network of police departments,” stated Robert Doherty, CEO of Pura Naturals. “We are honored that Laguna 3P Pro selected our innovative formula to enter into this private label agreement with and sell under their label Odor be Gone. Laguna 3P Pro is a trusted brand within the law enforcement community and is key toward helping us enter this market. At Pura we believe the opportunity for our products spans many industries and we will continue to find partners, like Laguna 3P Pro, to increase the speed at which we can expand.”

About Pura Naturals
Pura Naturals has a household cleaning product that absorbs grease and grime while delivering unique soap infusion without harmful chemicals or the bacteria buildup common with typical sponge products. Pura Naturals' foam technology was developed in response to the gulf oil spill. The revolutionary foam absorbs grease while repelling water and inhibiting bacteria growth and odors. The earth conscious company prides itself on its plant–based products made from renewable resources with no petroleum by–products. Pura Naturals products are sold at CVS Pharmacy, Ingles Markets, Kroger, Meijer, Sprouts Farmers Market, Target, Walmart and Whole Foods Market nationwide. Further information can be found at

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